How to Prevent Tree Roots From Damaging Your Plumbing and Drainage?

Tree Root Drain Unblocking

It’s very common to have plumbing or drainage issues that are caused by tree roots. If there are trees near your drainage system or sewer lines, their roots will eventually find a way towards the pipes and cause damage. That’s because tree roots crave water and oxygen, and they find both of these where your drainage lines are.

How to Unblock a Shower Drain?

shower drain

Have you ever been in the shower and noticed that you were standing in a puddle of backed up, murky water?

Blocked shower drains usually happen gradually. That puddle is barely noticeable at first. But eventually, you notice that the shower water isn’t draining down as quickly as it should. Before you know it, you’ve got a backlog of soapy water that is creating an unwanted, unpleasant footbath.

Drain Cleaning For Tree Roots

blocked drain by tree roots

Issues can cause blocked drains, either inside the house or outside, on the surrounding property. Blocked drains can be caused by something being washed down the drain that shouldn’t be there. Or by a gradual build-up of fat or grease. If neither of those is the cause. However, it may just be that there are tree roots that are affecting the drainage of wastewater or sewage from your property.

How Do You Unclog a Blocked Drain?

Unclogging blocked drains

A blocked drain is a huge hassle and inconvenience. Not only does it mean you can’t use your kitchen or bathroom sink until the blockage is cleared, but a blocked drain may also cause damage to your property if it happens regularly.

A clogged or blocked drain means that water and waste are not flowing from your house to the sewage system properly. No one wants that.

Your first clue that you have a blocked drain is often the obvious sight of water not running down the drain properly. If your sink is filling with water and not draining properly, something is clogging the drain. You may also notice a bad smell coming from your plumbing, which might indicate wasted is clogged in the pipes.

How to Prevent a Blocked Drain?

blocked drain

Are you tired of having regularly blocked drains? Would you rather not have to pour toxic chemicals down the sink or shower to stop them from clogging up? Wouldn’t you rather just have drains that don’t get blocked, and avoid the messy, smelly blockage of dirty wastewater in your kitchen or bathroom?
We’re big believers in preventing a problem before it happens as much as possible. But often home owners don’t pay any attention to their plumbing or drains until something goes wrong. And sometimes they don’t pay enough attention to their kitchen and bathroom habits and routines until they need to call in a plumber for a blocked drain.