Should I Repair or Replace My Toilet?

toilet repair/toilet replacement

On average, a household toilet should last around ten to fifteen years. It’s probably the most used fixture in your home, yet you don’t think about it much until something goes wrong. You may not even consider buying a new toilet unless you’re doing bathroom renovations.
When something does go wrong with your toilet, however, you need to know what to do. Do you need to replace your toilet, or can it be repaired?
There are a few general guidelines about what problems determine whether you need to repair or replace your toilet.

Why Does My Toilet Get Blocked and How Can I Prevent It?

Toilet Unblocking

Having a blocked toilet stinks – literally! No one enjoys having to unblock a toilet, and everyone dreads the sight of water (and other debris) rising in the toilet when you flush, instead of going down.
If you’ve ever had a blocked toilet, you know the mess it can create and the possible damage to your bathroom it can cause if it happens regularly.

Does My Toilet Need Repairing or Replacing?


The household toilet – if you live in Auckland, chances are you have one (or more) in your home. It’s a functional item that you probably don’t think much about until something goes wrong. If you find you’re getting frequent toilet blockages, a leaking toilet, hear any strange sounds coming from your toilet and its pipework, or suspect that you’re paying for more water than you should be because of a water leak or faulty drainage … then it’s time to look into what kind of toilet repairs you might need.

5 Most Common Causes of a Toilet Leak

toilet leak

Have a leaking toilet is more than just an annoying inconvenience – it can also be the cause of serious water damage to your home. If a toilet leak is not detected and repaired properly or quickly, you could be looking at unwanted repair bills and serious property damage.
Like any type of water leak, it’s important to figure out what is causing the toilet leak. (If you’re having issues with a blocked toilet, and want to know more about a reputable Auckland toilet unblocker, have a read of our Toilet Blockage Repair article here).