CCTV Drain Camera

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection Auckland

Drain inspection camerasThe Council often requires a CCTV video drainage inspection Auckland of your existing drains before any development to your existing property can go ahead.
CCTV Drain Camera Auckland video inspections are ideal for people wanting to sub divide their existing property or build on a section which has already been divided.
An inspection DVD can be produced from the CCTV video inspection, which you can then take to council.
A written plan can be drawn up if required, which can go along with your CCTV inspection DVD.
By filling out the form to your right, a staff member will be in contact with your shortly to provide a free drain inspection quote.

Are your drains continually blocking?

For ongoing blocked drains Sumich can identify the blockage points and locate them on your property, if they need to be repaired we can offer a full evacuation and repair service.
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