The household toilet – if you live in Auckland, chances are you have one (or more) in your home. It’s a functional item that you probably don’t think much about until something goes wrong. If you find you’re getting frequent toilet blockages, a leaking toilet, hear any strange sounds coming from your toilet and its pipework, or suspect that you’re paying for more water than you should be because of a water leak or faulty drainage … then it’s time to look into what kind of toilet repairs you might need.

Like many household appliances, there comes a point where it makes more sense to replace your toilet than it does to repair it. But how do you know which is the right option – repairing or replacing your toilet?

When do you need a toilet repair?

  • Toilet blockage

If your toilet is blocking up regularly, it’s worth having a plumber take a look at it. A one-off blockage may result from too much toilet paper being used, or a foreign object may cause it accidentally being flushed down (possibly a tiny toy or part of a hanging toilet cleaner that hangs off the rim).

If it’s not a one-off occurrence, and your toilet is blocking up frequently, there may be parts that need replacing or seals that need repairing.

  • Toilet water flow issues

If your toilet is continuously running, you may have a problem with the valves or flapper not working properly. These are relatively easy problems to solve. If you’re handy with the tools and enjoy a bit of DIY, there are many videos on the internet showing how to fix your toilet. But we recommend you give us a call and see if we can either talk through the issue over the phone or schedule a time to come and have a look.

  • Odours that won’t go away

If there is a constant sewage smell near the toilet, you may have issues with the drainage of the toilet or the pipes connected to it. This is an area where we strongly advise that you do not attempt a DIY repair. You could actually make the problem worse and cause yourself hefty drainage repair costs or damage to your property. If it’s a drainage issue, we can most likely fix the problem without needing to install a new toilet.

We have an Auckland emergency plumbing team on call 24/7 – so if you need help with any of these issues, give us a call.

When should you replace your toilet?

There are usually three main reasons for replacing and installing a new toilet:

  1. It begins to cost too much money to repair it or its parts;
  2. The toilet is still working properly, but it looks old or stained;
  3. You’re renovating your bathroom and want to update the look of your toilet.

Looking at the first of these reasons – weighing up the costs of repairing vs replacing – how do you know when repairs are beginning to cost too much money?

The Sumich Plumbing & Drainage team can come to your home and have a thorough look over your toilet, all of its components and its associated drainage and pipework. We can advise you on whether everything is working effectively or whether there is noticeable ageing to the toilet and its parts. If we have a look at your toilet and see that any of its components are wearing out and are not functioning properly, we’ll let you know. A toilet that isn’t working properly may even be costing you in unnecessary water charges. In addition, it may be almost as expensive to replace parts than it is to buy and install a new toilet.

Toilets range in price in Auckland from as low as $200 from your local hardware store, up to over $6000 from a designer bathroom shop. Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re in the market for a toilet that has a heated seat, night light, variable water temperature, remote control functionality, Bluetooth capabilities, along with wash, massage and dry functions … you can have it.

But don’t worry, we won’t try to sell you one of these.

We usually look around the $400 – $700 mark if you’re replacing a toilet because it’s no longer working properly. But if you’re renovating your bathroom, you may want to spend a bit more. Modern toilets are available in different styles and shapes. There are the traditional round and oval bowls and square or cube models, back to wall, wall faced, or wall-mounted models with concealed trapways. There are so many options these days.

We can talk through some options with you and help you narrow down the choices. We’ve been replacing toilets for years and have been involved in numerous Auckland bathroom renovation projects

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote.


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