Gas Water Heating

Gas Hot Water Heating Auckland

continuous-hot-waterGas hot water Systems harness the power given from the earth in the form of Natural Gas or LPG Gas and use it to heat the water in your house. 
This gas is either natural gas and available in your street or may be brought to your house in LPG bottles which are replaced for you when they empty.
The benefits of natural and LPG bottled gas hot water systems are:

  • Quick recovery & heating
  • Easy to retro-fit into your existing cylinder installation

There are several different gas hot water systems you can choose from for either LPG Bottled or Natural Gas.
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Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Heater

An instantaneous gas hot water heater has no cylinder and uses a flame to heat the water to a temperature you set yourself. 
The water flows cold through the gas hot water heater, which heats the water and sends it straight to the hot water tap you are using. There is no need to store hot water in a cylinder.

Instantaneous Feeding Hot Water Cylinder

An instantaneous gas hot water heater is circulated to a storeage cylinder which is ideal for the larger homes and recirculating hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water Cylinder

A gas hot water cylinder uses gas to heat water that is pumped cold into a hot water heating cylinder where it is then heated with gas powered controlled flame to a certain temperature (55C). 
Hot water is stored for you to use as needed.