With a wide range of hot water cylinders are available, Sumich Plumbing has been installing hot water system for both residential and commercial properties for a number of years.

Depending on your preferences, budget and requirements, you select from one of the following four water heaters to be installed in your home:

Gas Hot Water System

Electronic Hot Water Cylinder Heating

Heat Pump Hot Water Heating System

How much to replace hot water cylinder?

Trade up and trade in your old low pressure cylinder with a new 180 Ltr mains pressure cylinder  for only $2400 + GST (standard installation, electrician not included)

Hot Water System Installation

All plumbers at Sumich have an extensive knowledge of the heating systems that they have to offer, to ensure that you are provided with a system that is most appropriate for your home and family, whether it be a hot water cylinder Auckland services to replace your old Low Pressure with a Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder or just up-sizing.  Experienced with wet-back systems. We can supply and install Rheem, HJ Cooper, Dux, or Rinnai.

If you require further information on hot water system, please select one of the three hot water option from the menu, or call us now on 0508 786 424

A clean and tidy finish for all services

Once your hot water system has been installed, our staff members will clean and tidy the area that they worked on to ensure your property is left in the exact same condition that you left it in.

If you need a plumber for heat pump hot water heating or a gas water heating system installed, plumbing maintenancenew roof installation or backflow prevention in Auckland you can contact us on 0508 786 424

Sumich Plumbing & Drainage has broad knowledge of all hot water systems, including Hot Water Cylinders in Auckland