Electric hot water cylinder heating uses electricity to heat water that is pumped cold into a hot water heating cylinder where it is then heated with an electrically powered element to a certain temperature (55C).
Hot water is stored in a cylinder for you to use as needed.

Electric water heatingThe benefits of conventional electric hot water cylinder heating are:

  • Most New Zealand houses are already fitted with this hot water cylinder system
  • The cost of fixing or replacing the existing hot water cylinder system is not as high as changing the system to a new more energy efficient system

Hot water cylinders range in size from 25L through to the large 250L and larger still depending on individual requirements and also for the commercial hot water market. 
Your hot water specialists at Sumich Plumbing will be happy to advise you on the type and size Electric Water Heaters Auckland you may need.
Please note that we also provide solar water heating systems, gas hot water heating systems and heat pump heating systems.
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