Solar Heating

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems Auckland

Solar hot water systems harness the power given from the sun and use it to heat the water in your house. 
The benefits of installing Solar Heating Auckland are:

  • Installation is quick and easy with little maintenance needed
  • Solar hot water cylinder heating is the least expensive way to go solar
  • Start saving money immediately
  • It may be added to existing hot water cylinder systems

solar hot water heatingThe Azzuro system of evacuated tubes is most recommended, as it is more effective than the flat panel solar tubes used by other solar water heating systems.

Azzuro Solar hot water cylinder heating system

The Azzuro solar hot water cylinder heating system uses your existing (or new) hot water cylinder by adding solar panels with a pump and a controller. 
The number of panels you add is decided by you and your solar hot water provider to accommodate the size of your household.
This system is low cost and easy to install. The panels are guaranteed for 7 years and the pump controller is guaranteed for 2 years.
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