Looking To Renovate Your Bathroom?

One of the easiest ways to add value to your home

Renovating a bathroom can increase the value of your home, and make it much more pleasurable to be in. Ask any real estate agent what buyers talk about when they visit open homes, and they’ll tell you that the bathrooms in a house are almost always a deal maker/breaker. 

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Photo collage of apartment bathroom before and after restoration. Comparison of old room with underfloor heating pipes and new renovated restroom with sink, shower, mirror and towel dryer.
modern bathroom interior with new lighting and sink
new and modern bathroom interior
white marble bathroom that was recently renovated

What do you need to know about renovating a bathroom in Auckland?

There are three very important considerations for planning a successful bathroom renovation:

  1. Practicality
  2. Aesthetics/Style
  3. Price


This is most important consideration of all!  Whatever you do with your bathroom, it must function properly. The bathroom can sometimes be quite small and compact, and yet we use it several times a day – for just going to the toilet, getting ready in the morning, winding down at night with a bath or shower. So the layout and design of your bathroom must be perfect.

This is particularly important when there is more than one person using the room to get ready in the morning. It’s not just a matter of having a larger room. Smart bathroom layout can maximise the space available and can make the difference between relaxation and frustration while using the room.


Your new bathroom should look amazing, with fabulous bathroom fixtures and tapware. We want you to love the room and enjoy being in it. When you’re getting ready in the morning, we want the feel of your bathroom to set you up for the day, giving you positive and relaxing energy. And when you wind down at night – whether that be with a bath, face mask, or just simply getting out of those work clothes – we think your bathroom should feel like a comforting sanctuary.

How you feel in your home often comes down to aesthetics and style. As we know, design affects your mood. So we’ll work to create a bathroom space that makes you feel wonderful and that complements the rest of your home.


The price of a bathroom renovation in New Zealand is largely determined by the the layout, design and features of your bathroom, as well as the overall complexity of the project. Material and parts costs such as tiles, lighting fixtures, countertops, and shower heads are taken into consideration with bathroom renovation pricing.

It’s important to note that these are just potential areas which can reflect on pricing, the actual cost of your bathroom renovation will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

At Sumich Plumbing, we start with working out the practicality and the aesthetics/style of your bathroom so we can get a clear assessment on how you want your bathroom to look, and function.

We then talk about budget – what amount you have in mind, what you can afford, how this fits into a larger project if you’re renovating other rooms. Because we’ve been designing and renovating bathrooms for years, we have access to numerous design and layout options. We know where we can find cost efficiencies and we have great supplier relationships to source products at lower-than-retail prices for you.

There is no room for mistakes in a bathroom renovation

It may be a small room, but it’s one of the more complicated rooms in the house. Some project managers even say it’s more complex than the kitchen.

When it comes to managing a bathroom renovation, there are several skilled construction and plumbing professionals that may get involved in the project, including:  

Bathroom Renovation

  • demolition team
  • builder
  • plumber
  • electrician
  • waterproofer
  • plasterer or jib stopper
  • glazier
  • wall and/or floor tiler
  • other flooring professional
  • painter
  • possibly an interior designer

On some jobs, each of these may even be different individuals.

It’s important to understand how all of these parts of the project fit together – and we strongly encourage anyone who is renovating a bathroom to have a project manager.

At Sumich Plumbing we’re happy to project manager your Auckland bathroom renovation. We’ve been renovating bathrooms for thirty years and in that time, we’ve seen it all. There’s no challenge or no creative use of space that we haven’t come across.

Sourcing products and saving you money

At Sumich Plumbing we save you money on your bathroom renovation in two ways. First, we have a look at your bathroom design and layout and recommend products that will help you make the most of your space for your budget. We’ll help you choose products that are energy efficient, suitable for how many people use your bathroom, and that help increase the value of your home.

Second, we can source products for you often at prices lower than retail. This can add up to significant savings, depending on the size of the bathroom and whether or not you renovate two bathrooms at once (it’s common to do the main bathroom and a smaller toilet or an ensuite at the same time so they match).

When you renovate a bathroom, you will likely need:

  • sink/basin (often more than one)
  • tapware
  • shower head
  • shower tapware
  • shower door(s)
  • bathtub
  • toilet
  • bidet (becoming more popular)
  • underfloor heating
  • heated towel rail
  • mirror defroster
  • ventilation fan

Our team has close relationships with suppliers of all of these products and we can use our trade pricing to help you keep your bathroom renovation costs down.

How to choose a plumber for your bathroom renovation?

Before you hire a plumber to manage your Auckland bathroom renovation, there are two things you should ask:

  1. Are they qualified?
  2. How much experience do they have?

In order to do the job properly, efficiently and safely, your bathroom renovator must be qualified to do the work. Sumich Plumbing are registered members of the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board as well as the New Zealand Plumbers, Drainlayers & Gasfitters Association.

Belonging to professional organisations brings benefits for you, the client. It means that we at Sumich work to the standards of the industry professional bodies and are monitored by them. It also means that we have access to all of the shared knowledge and industry training provided by the best in the sector.

When it comes to experience, you’re not likely to find another Auckland plumbing and drainage company with more experience that Sumich. Started in 1991, we have three decades of experience and knowledge to bring to your project, no matter how large or small.

Bathroom renovation insurance

Because of all of the professionals involved and the various interdependent parts of the project, there is an element of risk in a bathroom renovation. Not all home insurance policies will cover you while renovation works are happening. This is especially true if you are taking the DIY approach and doing it yourself.

When you hire Sumich Plumbing to manage your Auckland bathroom renovation, our insurance covers all of our labour and work on site. You can rest easy that the mix of demolition, plumbing and electrical work all done in a small space will all be covered by the tradespeople involved. Make sure you check with each of the tradespeople involved how this works – or let Sumich Plumbing project manage your renovation and look after all of this for you.

How much do bathroom renovations cost?

When we’re asked what a bathroom renovation in Auckland should cost, the short answer is always, “it depends”. That may be a somewhat frustration answer, but it’s a good thing. It means that there is quite a bit of flexibility in how we work and how much you spend. Because there are so many variables in a bathroom renovation, there are also a lot of places where we can try to save costs for you and source products in different price ranges.

We can sit down with you and do an initial plan to work out a budget. We’re always willing to try to work within your set budget. Because we have been working on bathrooms for three decades, we know where to look for ways to save money and how to source products direct from suppliers at great prices.

Before you start your next bathroom renovation project, get in touch with the experienced bathroom plumbers at Sumich Plumbing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gaining consent to a bathroom renovation can be a bit tricky. The requirement of consent for bathroom renovation largely depends on the type of renovation you are planning to do, and the kind of ownership you have to the property.

In cases where there are minuscule changes going to be done such as changing a shower rack or floor tiles, then you probably won’t need consent. But if it is a complex job with various bathroom elements being replaced, then you most likely will.

If you are planning to embark on a bathroom renovation project that involves major structural changes such as adding sanitary fixtures or new drainage systems to the property, you will most likely need to gain explicit consent from your local council.