An Effective Form of Drain Clearing

hydrojet drain cleaning

Hydrojet drain clearing is a method of clearing blocked drains using high pressure water and specialist hydrojet drain clearing machinery. You might also hear it referred to as hydrojetting or hydroblasting.
With hydrojet drain cleaning, water is forced under high pressure by the hydrojet drain clearing machine through a flexible hose and specialised nozzle attachment to clean the affected pipe and/or drains.
Using water instead of drills or blades, hydrojetting reduces any risk of damage to drains, pipes and the surrounding natural environment.
It is a safe method of drain unblocking and because it uses only water, without chemicals, it is environmentally friendly to the surrounding vegetation.
We have an entire truck dedicated to our hydrojetting service, with a custom fitout that gives us a water carrying capacity of 380L and a pressure output of 3000KpA, coupled with a range of 5 different jetting heads, we can unblock just about anything.

When is Hydrojet drain clearing used?

Hydrojet drain cleaning is our most commonly used method of clearing residential or domestic drains and pipes, and it is frequently used on our larger commercial or industrial projects.

Our specialised hydrojet drain cleaning machinery is used for

  • Cleaning drains prior to CCTV inspection
  • Stripping grease and fat from pipe walls
  • Flushing foreign objects from drains
  • De-scaling pipelines
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