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If you’ve ever had a blocked toilet, you’ll know just how frustrating and unpleasant blocked sewers and blocked storm water are.

Ask us about our combo deal with our drain unblocking service in Auckland, we can CCTV and inspect your drainpipes to check the condition and spot any further drainage problems that may arise.

Drainage Emergency

Drainage emergencies like blocked drain can occur at the worst possible time, don’t despair, we are available after hours to sort out your drainage or plumbing emergency. Call our plumbing emergency and drainage emergency after hour service on 0800437021 (Press option 7).

Hydrojet Drain Unblocking

Using the latest hydro-jetting equipment/drain unblocking machine, you not only benefit from unblocking drain but also a clean drain which will help in reducing any further issues and allow for a CCTV drain inspection.

The high-pressure water jet is the latest technology for clearing blocked drains, it’s the fastest and most effective method.

If your drain is blocked by root…

Root intrusion in any drainage system is one of the most destructive elements that we can be faced with. Roots can easily find their way into storm water and wastewater drains causing damage and blocked drains.

drain unblocking aucklandSumich Plumbing & Drain Unblocker Auckland, understands the importance of speed and reliability when you have to deal with the stressful situations of blocked drains. We do recommend that you contact us and we can quickly ascertain the nature of the problem and provide the most appropriate course of action. We’ll explain what the problem is and what needs to be done. At that stage we’ll also explain any problems that could be encountered.

We know that you don’t want to wait around for the solution when you’ve got a problem, you want it fixed fast. We aim to find the problem and fix it smoothly and efficiently.

Blocked drains are generally caused by any one of the following factors

  • Tree roots.
  • Faulty joints or broken pipes caused by movement of the surrounding ground or building.
  • Objects which have entered the drain e.g. children’s toys, sanitary napkins/tampons, disposable nappies.

How to avoid drain blockage?

From tree roots to fatty food waste, there are many causes for blockages, many can be easily avoidable.

  • Regularly clean your gutters
  • Don’t put sanitary pads, tampons or baby wipes down the toilet
  • Use paper towels on greasy pans before washing
  • The NZ Plumbers, Drainlayers and Gasfitters Association Inc suggests that, when a drain blocks for a second time, you request further investigation to determine the cause.

Unblocking aside, we also offer repairs/replacement of drains and lay new drainage so don’t delay, give Sumich Plumbing & Drainage drain unblocker Auckland a call for all your drainage needs.

Are your drains continuously blocking?

For ongoing blocked drains Sumich can identify the blockage points and locate them on your property, if they need to be repaired we can offer a full evacuation and drain repair service in any part of the Auckland.

Sumich Plumbing has professional drain unblockers who is well trained to use latest technology to unblock your drains.

If you are looking for a Drain Unblocker in Auckland?  Call Sumich Plumbing and Drainage team on 0800437021

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