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Our drain specialists in Auckland have over 15 years of commercial and residential experience fixing blocked drains, including kitchen & bathroom sinks, showers, insinkerators, laundry troughs, stormwater drains, gutters, downpipes, vents, traps, and pits.

If your blocked drain is urgent, we offer a quickly a 24-hour drain service with certified plumbers throughout Auckland, we ensure a rapid response, aiming to reach you within an hour to swiftly resolve your blockage.

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What causes a blocked drain?

If you’ve ever tried to clear a blocked drain, you’ll know that it’s not fun. It’s smelly, messy and a bit stressful if there are larger drainage issues to deal with. So it’s best to try to prevent your drains from getting blocked or clogged in the first place. This begins with knowing the top reasons why your drains get blocked.

The most common issues of blocked drains include:

  • Too much hair down the drain
  • Paper down the sink
  • Not enough water down the sink while using the waste disposal unit
  • Oil, grease or fat down the sink
  • Personal hygiene or toiletry products in the drainage system
  • Fibrous food in the kitchen sink
  • Chemicals or cleaners down the sink
  • Dirt or other foreign objects down the drain
  • Tree roots
  • Not having your drains checked or maintained

Frequently Asked Questions

For consistent blocked drains in your home, we can identify the blockage points and locate them on your property, if they need to be repaired we can offer a full evacuation and drain repair service in any part of Auckland.

If you need a holistic approach to any of your drainage issues you can visit our dedicated drain service page for more detailed information. Additionally, you can check out our guide on how to unclog a blocked drain yourself!

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