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Sumich Plumbing & Drainage is proud to be an approved installer of AES wastewater systems. To get AES wastewater system installed at your home or business, please call us on 0508 786 424 or complete the online form for a free quote*.

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What’s included in our service?

Our team has over 30 years of experience in installing AES wastewater systems.

Our service includes:

  • Sourcing of all necessary materials & parts.
  • Full installation & set-up of the AES septic system.

AES septic systems are a versatile and reliable wastewater treatment solution, suitable for a wide range of applications including houses, holiday homes, cafés, motels, seasonal worker accommodations, campgrounds, and subdivisions, ensuring efficient wastewater management for projects both large and small.

Why invest into an AES wastewater system?

Advanced Technology

  • AES systems perform 10x better than the NZ Standard for secondary wastewater treatment according to testing at OSET-NTP, Rotorua.


  • AES discharges high-quality effluent thereby minimising health risks and groundwater contamination.


  • No parts to break down and no expensive pumps, control boards, aerators or blowers to service or replace.

AES Wastewater System Installation

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What is an AES Wastewater System?

AES stands for Advanced Enviro-Septic. An AES wastewater system is a sustainable wastewater treatment system that can be used for a residential or commercial premise.

AES systems employ straightforward technology with no need for pumps, alarms, or frequent maintenance, aside from the standard septic tank pump-out approximately every 5-7 years.

Additional benefits of AES wastewater systems include:

  • Fit & Forget No homeowner intervention is needed; no filters to change and no alarms to respond to.
  • Silent operation, no power No electricity costs. No alarms or pump noise.
  • Cost competitive Low installation costs and saves you money with no pumps to replace, no operating costs, and no servicing.
  • Resilient to high & low flows, and intermittent use.
  • Fitting Fit to existing septic tank for a low cost upgrade.
  • Compliance The AES wastewater treatment system meets the secondary effluent quality requirements of AS/NZS1547:2012 for NZ local and regional councils and complies with the requirements of AS/NZS 1546.3:2008 for on-site domestic wastewater treatment units.

AES wastewater systems are the only power-free, pump-free, alarm-free, maintenance and service-free environmentally friendly advanced secondary wastewater treatment in New Zealand.

AES Wastewater Treatment

AES is a passive, on-site advanced secondary wastewater treatment system developed and in use in the USA for over 25 years with over 500,000 installations worldwide.

Wastewater from the house goes into a standard septic tank for primary treatment. This usually includes black and grey water. Solids settle in the septic tank and first level treatment by anaerobic organisms takes place. After primary treatment, wastewater then enters the AES bed.

The key to the success of the AES system is passive ventilation through specially designed AES pipes which provide an environment for the microbes in the effluent to be processed to a safe level. A standard AES system does not require pumps, filters or any maintenance. All that’s required is a routine septic tank pump-out every 5-7 years. AES is simple (using the processes of nature), environmentally sustainable and very effective.

To get a free quote*, please call us on 0508 786 424 or complete the online form for a free quote*.

Frequently Asked Questions

The essential AES treatment process occurs in specially designed, 300mm diameter, oxygenated pipes installed in a sand bed in the ground

The AES pipe is a patented product made from 4 components: a cylinder-shaped pipe made out of high-density polyethylene; the Bio-accelerator; a non-braided polypropylene fibre membrane that covers the pipe and facilitates oxygen supply; and a non-woven, polypropylene geotextile canvas, sewn around the fibrous membrane, that keeps the earth particles from migrating into the pipe.

  1. Wastewater gravity flows to a septic tank where settlement occurs.
  2. Effluent gravity flows into AES pipes in a sand bed.
  3. The vented, fabric-wrapped AES pipes provide a living environment for microbes to break down effluent to a safe level.After filtering through the pipes and sand, high-quality effluent disperses into the soil.

The AES system consists of three components installed in a sand bed following a standard septic tank:

  1. A corrugated, perforated, high-density plastic pipe with a unique series of ridges on the peak of each corrugation and plastic “skimmers” extending into the pipe’s interior.
  2. A thick mat of randomly oriented plastic fibres surrounding the pipe.
  3. A special non-woven geotextile plastic fabric around the mat of fibres.

The cost of an AES wastewater system specifically designed for your site will depend on site conditions, usage and location. We’re more than happy to discuss this with you.

To get a free quote* excluding roofing, please call us on 0800 437 021 or complete the online form for a free quote* excluding roofing.

  • AES is a passive system
    AES passively creates a powerful biological ecosystem that continually digests organic matter in wastewater. It achieves excellent pathogen reduction in an aerated environment, without using UV filters or chlorination, pumps or alarms. Patented unique features of the system, like the Bio-Accelerator® fabric in the pipes, speed the development of the biomat where treatment occurs.
  • AES is a reliable system
    AES components have a 20-year warranty and are expected to last indefinitely. Risks arising from mechanical or electrical failure are not present in the standard AES system.  The system keeps on working without servicing or intervention, even when there is intermittent usage and variable wastewater loads.
  • AES is a leading global system
    The AES wastewater treatment system is a leading treatment system in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and many countries worldwide. Tested in labs throughout the world, it consistently achieves very high treatment results.
  • AES is a greywater recycling system
    Greywater is usually considered to be waste flows from basins, showers and laundry. Discharge via dripper lines from an AES lined bed system is frequently the most cost-effective way to reuse all your treated wastewater for irrigation.

The design and application flexibility of the AES wastewater treatment system can provide a natural, low maintenance and affordable solution to commercial premises’ on-site sewage needs.

In New Zealand, AES systems have been installed at RSEs (Recognised Seasonal Employers), campgrounds, maraes, museums, mini-golf and DOC facilities.


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