Sick of dragging the garden hose around your property?

Why not add some more hose taps?

This can be quite easy to do however several factors need to be considered.

  1. Is there access below the floor of your house? if there is access bellow the floor it is normally possible to install hosetaps to almost any location to the outside of the building.
  2. Is your house on a concrete slab? This can be a little more tricky however it is normally possible to take a water supply off any position that has an existing water supply up against an external wall to the house. Some examples can be – the Hot water Cylinder Cupboard, The kitchen Sink, The Laundry, The Bathroom, The Toilet. 
  3. Do you want hosetaps Installed out in the Garden or at a distance from your house? this can be done also by a few different methods. The water supply can be laid below ground in a trench to the Locations you require and taken from the most accessible area of your water supply. Alternatively a water supply can be laid above ground through a few methods. It can be concealed and pegged to the ground amongst shrubs or greenery – only recommended in areas where this terrain exists, or alternatively if an existing structure exists in the location where you would like the hose taps, Existing structures such as Fences, or Retaining walls – then the water supply can be neatly clipped to this structure in a manner that looks tidy and not out of place, and sometimes even hidden behind it. 
  4. Water can be a useful utility to the Home owner and the most important thing is to keep an open mind, that regardless of your current living situation it is possible to achieve a water supply where you want it to almost any practical location.

Although Hose taps is the most common outside water supply to the home owner, Heres a few other suggestions for water supplies that may be appealing:

  • Fish Ponds
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor showers
  • Outdoor toilet / ablution blocks
  • Outside Cleaner Sink – for various things such as fish cleaning or cleaning outside garden tools etc. 

Water storage tanks at home

Water Storage can help cut costs on your water bills, which is becoming more and more viable in this day and age. There are a number of applications that can be used from Installing water systems that can be Fairly low cost that will allow you to use your own stored and collected water, avoiding water Meter charges. 

Storage water tanks can be installed to collect rainwater off your garage or shed roofs to deliver gravity fed water to your hosetaps and other non potable water supplies throughout your property. The higher the tank is installed, the more pressure you are going to get out of the taps from this tank however if the height is not able to be achieved due to being on a property of low to flat gradient, then an in line pump can always be installed to assist the pressure from these installations. 

Alternatively it is entirely possible to move to complete water collection and storage  installation, thereby avoiding all water meter charges. This however requires larger volume tanks, a pump system and rediverting rainwater collection system and a consent from council.

Advice regarding water tanks

As we move into the future, Water as a resource is becoming ever more valuable and so collection and storage of your own water supply is well worth thinking about. 

Here is a link to the Auckland Council Website regarding Water Tanks

If you are looking install a new water tank get in touch with our team today. However, if there are any other plumbing issues that your facing, be sure to contact our plumbers.