Skilled Laundry Renovators in Auckland

Sumich Plumbing provides professional laundry renovations in Auckland and can design a quality plumbing system with laundry super tubs, washing machines and stylised wash house taps and faucets that will deliver the best solution for your new laundry.

renovated laundry in a modern style
renovated laundry in a minimalist style

Laundry Installations

Our Laundry Plumbers provide laundry installations, and can advise you on where to find quality laundry tap-ware and super tubs – ensuring that you find the best possible layout for your new laundry.
Our focus is on quality service, quality products and a fair price.
Sumich will work in with your laundry builder to ensure your laundry appliances, as well as the rest of your house, receives a consistent flow and temperature of water every time you need to use them.
See Sumich for your washing machine connection, washing machine repair, wash house taps or installation of any other laundry appliance needing connecting to water or gas.

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