Auckland Leak Detectors

We specialise in detecting and repairing water leaks of all types and sizes in both residential and commercial properties. From small drips to major leaks and burst pipes, our expert water leak detector will be able to assist you in even the most convoluted of cases. 

Whether you are dealing with a bathroom leak, drain leak, water pump leak, or any other household water leak, have the right tools, skills and experience to fix it promptly.

Our leak detection services cover the entire Auckland region, including West Auckland. We committed to providing an effective and efficient service that will ensure your home or business remains dry and safe.

When to call a Water Leak Detector?

In most cases the first sign of water leakage in your household will be evidence of water on the ceiling of the room directly below, or the basement or underfloor area of your home.

This is often a sign that the water leak has caused extensive damage to hidden areas of your property and you will need to call a water leak detector as soon as possible to properly assess the situation, and provide an adequate solution.

The origin of a water leak will most likely be around a fixture waste outlet or water inlet – however each circumstance is different depending on the type of water leak occurring. 

If you are looking for a Plumber to fix Water Leakage in Auckland? Call leak detection experts on 0800 437 021.

Common Water Leak Causes in Auckland: 

  • Loose or worn wastewater traps, evidenced by water dripping under the sink while the tap is running. Leak detection auckland
  • Old flexible tap connectors which have gone beyond their serviceable life, this is evidenced by water spraying from the stainless steel hoses under your sink. This will usually require a replacement tap to be fitted.
  • Tap bodies leaking due to worn washers or tap cartridge, or pitting in the metal, this is evident from water leaking out of the body of the tap, in most cases this will require a replacement cartridge, but sometimes indicates that the tap is reaching the end of its serviceable life and should be replaced.
  • On occasion pipes may split inside the wall, especially if your house is piped in the old black or brown plastic pipe, this is indicative of further issues, and replacement of all pipework in the house may be required.
  • In any of the above scenarios you should turn the water off at the meter or boundary isolation point, and arrange a plumber to attend at the closest convenient time, informing the plumber of what the suspected issue is will likely make it easier for the plumber to resolve and save you money.
  • Another issue is shower liner leaks, this occurs mostly with box type showers, when the silicon joins fail, you can usually confirm the location of the leak by standing in the shower box and spraying the shower head at the joins in the shower box.

Signs of a Water Leak in your Home

Water leaks can be quite convoluted to detect, however there are reliable signs to look out for at your home that will give you an indication that there is a water leak. Some common signs of a water leak include:

  • Unexpectedly high water bills: A sudden increase in your water bill may indicate a leak.
  • Visible water damage: Water stains on walls, floors, or ceilings, or the presence of mold or mildew, can be a sign of a leak.
  • The sound of running water: If you hear the sound of running water when all the faucets and appliances are turned off, it could be a sign of a leak.
  • Low water pressure: A drop in water pressure can be caused by a leak in the main water line.
  • The smell of mildew: If you notice a musty smell in your home, it could be caused by a water leak.

If you suspect you have a water leak we strongly recommend that you shut down the water system and get in touch with our leak detectors on 0800 437 021 so that we can help locate and repair your water leak.

The quicker you address a leak, the less likely you are to incur costly damage to your property, and be susceptible to hazardous situations. 

We can also provide documentation to help with your insurance claim, as well as giving the best advice to get the water leak problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Leakage

In New Zealand, the majority of home insurance policies will cover water leaks, although it depends on your specific policy and its terms & conditions.

Generally home insurance policies will cover water leaks caused by unexpected events such as a burst pipe due to freezing temperatures or a leaking roof caused rain in a strom. This type of coverage is known as property damage coverage and you will usually be covered for the leak detection, cost & repair of damaged property. 

However, if the water leak had been slowly get worse and worse and you have not maintained it, the insurance company may not cover the cost of your repairs.

We recommend consulting with your insurance provider to definitively understand the policy surrounding water leak coverage.