Hot Water Cylinder Installation and Repair

With a wide range of hot water cylinders available, our hot water specialists have been installing hot water systems for both residential and commercial properties for over 15 years.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority estimates that hot water heating accounts for around 30% of the average household energy bill, so choosing the right hot water system can save you money. There are several factors that need to be considered before choosing the hot water cylinder system that is right for you.

  • How much hot water your household uses
  • The amount of money you’re willing to spend upfront for installations or upgrades
  • The size of your house and storage space
  • Whether you have access to reticulated gas supply
  • How much you’re willing to spend on running costs

Depending on your preferences, budget and requirements, you select from one of the following four water heaters to be installed in your home:

Gas Hot Water System

Gas continuous flow systems burn gas to heat water as it runs through a califont, this system can run on both LPG and natural gas. Gas continuous flow systems are more efficient that gas hot water cylinders, heat water on demand and do not require a tank to store water. This hot water solution is good if you already use reticulated gas for space heating or cooking and want to continue this. Gas continuous flow systems are also an excellent option for homes with small spaces, as the unit does not have a tank to store water and can be mounted outside.

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Electronic Hot Water System

Electric hot water cylinders use an electric element in an insulated tank to heat the water to a temperature set by a thermostat. While electric hot water cylinders are great for households that use low to moderate amounts of water and they have a relatively low upfront cost, they can be more expensive to run than most other options. Some models have smart controllers that allow you to select when and to what temperature the hot water is being reheated based on your household’s needs. 

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Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat pump water heaters use similar technology to heat up water as heat pumps do to heat rooms. The use electrical energy and a refrigerant to extract energy from outdoor heat to heat the room, the water is then stored in an insulated hot water tank. This system suits a household that has moderate to high hot water needs and has relatively low running costs; however, it expensive to install and upfront costs are high. A well designed and installed system will use a lot less energy than standard electric cylinders. 

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You will need to evaluate your hot water needs carefully, keeping in mind your budget and other factors to ensure you have the best possible hot water heating system for your household needs. 

Hot Water System Installation

All plumbers at Sumich have an extensive knowledge of the heating systems that they have to offer, to ensure that you are provided with a system that is most appropriate for your home and family, whether it be a hot water cylinder installation services or hot water cylinder replacement service (old Low Pressure with a Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder) or just up-sizing.  Experienced with wet-back systems. We can supply and install Rheem, HJ Cooper, Dux, or Rinnai.

If you require further information on hot water system, please select one of the hot water option from the menu, or call us now on 0800 437 021

A clean and tidy finish for all services

Once your hot water system has been installed, our staff members will clean and tidy the area that they worked on to ensure your property is left in the exact same condition that you left it in.

If you need a plumber for heat pump hot water heating or a gas water heating system installed, plumbing maintenancenew roof installation or backflow prevention in Auckland you can contact us on 0800 437 021