Ensure that your plumbing installations, maintenance, repair work and any other Auckland’s plumbing problems are put into the hands of qualified plumbing contractors.

Dealing with registered Auckland Plumbers means dealing with the best in the industry, no matter what Plumbing Auckland Services you may require, whether it be Kitchen Plumbing Auckland, Bathroom Plumbing Auckland or Laundry Plumbing Auckland.

Please note that we also provide Plumbing services in Auckland such as installation, maintenance and renovation work for:

Kitchens Plumbing Services

Bathrooms Plumbing Services

Laundries Plumbing Services

If you’d like to talk to an Auckland Plumber about a plumbing Auckland service you may require, to get in touch with our plumbing team.

New Plumbing Installations

New plumbing installations require a qualified and knowledgeable tradesperson to give you the best advice and plumbing services Auckland to make your plumbing project a success and guarantee you hot water when you need it.

Your Auckland plumbers will work together with your builder and architect to find the right solution to meet your needs.

We will provide Auckland plumbing solutions that will ensure that adequate hot water and pressure is delivered to every plumbing appliance and tap in your home. You will not be left in the shower with no hot water when someone fills the kettle in the kitchen!

Whether you require a new plumbing installation, or a hot water heating services, the team at Sumich Plumbing can help!

Plumbing Maintenance & Repair 

All Sumich Plumbing vans are stocked with base products to attend to minor repairs and maintenance, to ensure that your plumbing repair and maintenance work can be fixed as quickly as possible.

Our tradesmen are continuously upskilling and training to enable them to repair and maintain your hot water systems and recommend new plumbing supplies which come on to the market.

Quality Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures

At Sumich Plumbing we can recommend the best plumbing supplies and fixtures, such as appropriate tapware, hot water supply and hydraulic design that deliver.

We recommend you choose from the following pipe for your project plumbing installation and repairs:

  • Copper
  • Fusio
  • Rehau
  • Kembla Pex

For a free plumbing quote please contact us.

A clean and tidy finish for all Plumbing Services Auckland

To ensure that your property is left in a tidy and clean condition, the team at Sumich Plumbing and Drainage will remove their shoes and lay drop sheets out on areas being worked on to protect the surfaces.

Whether you require a plumbing contractor for kitchen renovation, gas-fitting, roofing services or backflow prevention, the area in which they worked on will be thoroughly cleaned after the job is complete.

You will also be provided with a detailed plumbing service report, which also acts as your invoice.

Sumich plumbing and drainage can also help you with…

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