There is no set answer to this question that would cover all situations and the answer should be determined by the following questions:

Is the Kitchen Functional for your needs? 

Does it have enough space?

Does it feel too cramped and are you ready to add quality of life or explore more open planned living?

Is the kitchen Aged and showing signs of structural wear? Or is it just feeling dated looking and you’re ready for a more modern look?

Are you wanting to bring your traditional looking kitchen back to life?

Are you looking to add value to your property?

These are all the sort of questions as a Home Owner would be worth thinking about when you decide to renovate a kitchen.

So You Have Decided To Renovate Your Kitchen, Now What?

Heres a few tips that will help your Kitchen Renovation experience run as smoothly as possible:

I recommend you form a budget for your Kitchen Remodel, and it is worth getting this budget accurate so there is limited bad experiences or unexpected costs. 

This budget is going to depend on what you plan on doing. Some kitchen renovations may end up being reasonably low effort and involving small tasks like replacing a benchtop, and a lick of new paint. 

Other renovations may involve completely gutting the old kitchen, rearranging and all new services.

The first step in gaining your budget is also going to assist in you deciding how you are going to proceed with your renovation and that is to get in contact with your Kitchen Contractors.

Kitchen renovation NZ often uses the following Kitchen Contractors to carry out all processes of the Kitchen Renovation: Plumbers, Gasfitters, Electricians, Builders, Plasterers, Painters and of course Kitchen Fitting companies. 

It is worth and recommended getting in touch with all of these contractors, to move forward. 

They will all be able to assist in the planning process, but also be able to provide prices for required work. 

Communication is key and highly recommended that all contractors are communicating to the level where the kitchen project is clear and that there is no confusion. This will make your renovation go much more smoothly.

To pick out your contractors it could be worth seeing where they are located. 

Kitchen renovation Auckland for example it would not be logical to be using contractors from outside the city unless personally affiliated. This is because the additional costs from that contractor for time and travel, as Auckland is already a Large and Busy city. Fortunately there is a large amount of Contractors within Auckland that service and cover the entire City.

Kitchen renovation cost also may vary between contractors, and this is often a factor however it is important to note that the cheapest price is no always the best option. 

It is worth doing the research and also not just getting prices off one company either. 

See what the company has to offer then pick from a number of options, is always going to be a more practical way to make your decision than getting involved with just one company and not really knowing what any other company has to offer.