Spouting Repairs, Guttering and Replacement

Are your roof gutters showing signs of wear, such as detaching, rusting, or overflowing? In Auckland, it is essential to have a durable, strong and effective spout guttering is essential.

Given the frequency of heavy rain and wind throughout the year in New Zealand, it’s crucial for your gutters to be prepared for the toughest weather conditions. Our roof specialists offer high quality spouting and roof repairs, as well as full gutter replacements tailored to your requirements, all at reasonable rates.

We have been maintaining, repairing and installing roofs all over Auckland for residential and commercial for over 30 years, so you can trust us with any work you need on your spouting and pipes.

Special offer on PVC Marley Spouting

We can install, repair or replace a range of spouting, guttering and downpipes.

As certified Auckland Plumbers, will work together with you, your builder and architect to find the right solution to meet your spouting and downpipe needs, whether it is a Marley Plastic Spouting solution, Copper Spouting or Coloursteel Qtr Round / Box Gutter solution.

We offer marley spouting repair and installation from $40.00 + GST Per Meter (single level site over 50 metres).

spouting gutters on roof

The Importance of Good Spouting

The purpose of spouting is to control the run-off of rainwater (or melting snow in some climates) from your roof. You don’t want water running straight down the external sides of your home, so instead, it gets channeled into spouting and gutters, and then through downpipes.

It’s important to keep your spouting, gutters and downpipes clean and in good condition.

If your spouting is quite old or damaged, the team at Sumich can repair or replace it. We can work on the entire roofing system, or just the sections that need attention. We’re able to match new spouting to existing pipes in most instances.

Properly installed and maintained spouting will not only keep your house dry, but it can also improve its street appeal and value. Spouting has come a long way over the years, and it is now a design feature for many homes. There are a number of different options in spouting, guttering and downpipes that the team at Sumich can provide and install:

  • different profiles – round, half round, quarter round, Roman, square
  • a range of sizes – different lengths, narrow options, compact bend options
  • metal or plastic spouting
  • several colours to match, complement or contrast with your other external colours

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