Certified Auckland Gas Fitters

We are certified and experienced gas fitting specialists, we can ensure that your gas installation jobs will be completed to a high standard with an impeccable finish.
If you’d like a free* gas fitting quote, or would like to talk to one of our qualified gas fitters you can directly contact us on 0508 786 424 for all your gas fitting need in Auckland.

We are also stationed in West Auckland and are readily available to attend any West Auckland gas fitting job. 

What Can Our Gas Fitters do?

Our gas fitters install, maintain, and fix gas-operated systems and appliances for both residential and commercial properties. We are fully qualified, certified & skilled to ensure that all gas systems are operating safely and effectively.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Bottled Gas Systems LPG

Gas stove close-up. Home and cooking concept.

Gas Heating Systems

Gas Installations

We install gas lines, piping and other gas-related components, while also connecting gas appliances such as furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. With over 30 years of gas fitting experience, our team has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of new gas installations, repair and maintenance work.

LPG & Natural Gas

We only use the best gas products for our clients across residential and commercial applications, including LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and natural gas.

Inspecting, Maintaining & Repairing Gas Systems

Our licensed gas fitters ensure that gas systems and equipment are functioning correctly and are complying with regulations. We can perform an inspection of your gas system to check for leaks, corrosion and other signs of wear and tear that

We also offer regular maintenance services to keep gas systems and equipment running efficiently and safely. This includes cleaning and adjusting burners, replacing filters and other components, and checking and adjusting gas pressures and flow rates.

Are You Building a New House?

If you are thinking of building a new home from scratch, it’s wise to think about using the same team for both the installation of your gas and plumbing systems as it can save you a world of time and effort.

Using a single provider for gas and plumbing jobs can improve the coordination of various projects which ultimately, will improve productivity and even save you some cash on the side.

Laying the foundation to a house’s gas and plumbing system while its getting built will allow our team to streamline the entire process and increase your sense of security by taking care of any problems that may come up.

Our Gasfitters can also help you with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Gas fitters generally do not recommend using brass fittings on gas lines as they tend to corrode over time and increase the risk of a gas leak.

Utilising specially crafted black iron or rusted steel gas line connectors is paramount as they are much more dependable and secure. When putting or working on gas lines, gas fittings must also be in compliance with all regulations and safety codes.

Gas press fittings, also referred to as mechanical or press fittings (to a lesser extent), are utilised in pressurised gas systems rather than water systems. The substance used for gas press fittings is not appropriate for the use in potable water systems, but they are intended to work with a press tool to produce a safe and leak-free link.

Water systems are usually connected with different types of fittings like copper, PVC, CPVC and PEX, which synergise with water.

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