What do you need to know to install, replace or upgrade your bathroom taps in Auckland?

A great way to update the look of your bathroom is the installation of new tapware, as well as the aesthetic reasons for replacement, tapware has a serviceable lifespan and at a certain point repair becomes impracticable due to availability of parts, and overall wear on the product.

We can help you with tap installation, tap replacement or tap repair service in Auckland. We are happy to install customer supplied taps, we can also source a tap for you from any of the major brands available in New Zealand, such as Methven, Felton, Greens, Ideal Standard, Dorf, Dux, and Mondella.

Tap installation

When selecting your tapware there are a few things to take into account:

The fit: you should select a tap that will be a direct replacement in terms of the fit in your basin, take into account the number of holes in the benchtop required, whether you have a single lever mixer, two separate taps, or a faucet tap style mixer.

The quality: when purchasing a tap it is wise to remember that the labour cost involved in installation will make up a significant portion of your total cost, and as the old adage goes; buy it cheap, buy it twice, so it is worth looking at the warranties offered before purchasing your tap.

Style: This is up to you, many more styles and colour options have entered the market recently, from powder coated blacks, to brass plated or more traditional chrome, make sure to take the time to choose a tap that fits the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Once you have the tap on site or know in advance which tap you wish for us to purchase on your behalf we can book an appointment to install tap, replace tap or upgrade tap as per the situation since it is a fairly small job (in most cases) we will charge you our normal fees and be able to complete the job in under an hour.

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