How to fix a leaking tap?

Leaking taps are both frustrating and fascinating. If you’ve ever been disturbed by a tap that won’t stop dripping no matter how hard to try to shut it off. You’ll know how infuriating it can be. Apparently, in the early 1900s, dripping water was used as a form of torture. But it’s also been a source of theatrical inspiration.

In 1969, movie directors Joyce Wieland and Michael Snow made a short film called “Dripping Water”. Possibly a bit more entertaining is the scene from the 1992 comedy movie “My Cousin Vinny.” Where Marisa Tomei explains to Joe Pesci the torque needed to shut the faucet in their bathroom.

Whether it disturbs you or not, a leaking tap should always be tended to. Leaving a tap leaking can cause water damage. As well as can waste hundreds of litres of water a month if left without fixing. If you live in an area where you pay for your water use (most areas of Auckland, for example). A leaking tap is literally money down the drain.

If you suspect that you have a water leak, get in touch with our leak detectors today to ensure that you are not risking your property damaging, as well as yourself by staying in a hazardous environment. 

Why do taps leak?

If you’ve tightened the tap as much as possible and it still drips or leaks. Something is amiss in either the tapware or the plumbing. You can try to fix it yourself if you’re comfortable doing DIY household repairs.

Or you have a reliable instruction manual for your tapware. Or you know your way around plumbing videos on YouTube.

We prefer, however, that you get in explore our leak repair services. We can investigate further and see what is causing the leaking tap. As well as what we can do about it to minimise any damage. There are a few things we can check:

Worn out washers

This is one of the most common causes of a leaking tap. Over time washers will wear out and need replacing. If you didn’t install your washer correctly. However, it may cause a drip or leak even if it’s new. It’s essential to check for wear and tear, incorrectly fitted washers. And the possibility of the wrong size washer being used.

Faulty O-ring

If the O-ring is worn or incorrectly inserted, it may cause a drip or leak. This is often the case if the drip occurs where the base of the tap and the spout meets.

Your water pressure

There may be an issue with the water pressure in your household. Hence, we can have a look and make sure it’s not running too high or too low to be optimum.

The valve seat

This is the part that connects the tap and the spout. If there is corrosion here or a build-up of sediment. The valve seat may be damaged and causing the leak.

The seals

Like the valve seat, the seals (inlet and outlet) can become corroded or affected by sediment build-up. Often these are easy to replace. Yet it’s important to investigate whether the cause of the corrosion or sediment build-up has caused damage elsewhere in your plumbing.

Damaged or loose parts in your tapware

Believe it or not, there are many small parts and components that make up your tapware.  There is the handle, spout, stem, faucet body, adjusting ring, cap. A well as the ball valve, valve seats, O-rings, screws, nuts, washers, mounting bolt, and more. Furthermore, there is all the plumbing that sits underneath the sink. This is part of the reason we prefer that you call in a professional plumber when you have an issue. We’ll be able to determine whether the problem is in the tapware itself or further down the pipework.Furthermore, we’ll know exactly what to adjust, repair or replace.

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