Drain Root Cutting Services

Drain root cutting involves us putting specialist root cutting equipment into pipes where tree roots are causing drainage problems or blockages. We do this using either high-pressure water or our specialist root cutting bladed machinery.

Our drain root cutters have the latest specialist equipment to cut out the roots from your drains and remove the blockage entirely, helping to prevent further problems.

When is Drain Root Cutting used?

Drain Cleaner For Tree Roots

Roots often penetrate drains in search of water. Once they find it, the roots inevitably get denser, often to the point of completely blocking a drain.

It is important to clear roots out of sewers and pipes even before a full blockage occurs as the strength of spreading roots can damage or weaken the integrity of the pipes.

The expert Root Cutting team of Sumich Plumbing & Drainage Auckland comes in when we suspect that tree roots are interfering with efficient drainage on a residential or commercial property.

We are able to remove tree root intrusions using either our high-pressure water jet equipment or our bladed root cutting machinery to complete sewer and storm-water drainage excavation.

Our aim is to clearly identify the source of the drain blockage and remove the cause so your drains can run freely and unobstructed. Our drain root cutter will remove the roots and any other debris, taking care to protect the surrounding vegetation.

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