Our Auckland drainage experts play a critical role to ensure that water systems are properly managed, installed and controlled across any structural environment.

We are skilled in designing and installing new drainage systems, conducting regular maintenance and repairs, providing emergency drain services, ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations and improving the overall quality of water.

New Drain Installation

If you’re building a new property, redeveloping a section, clearing land for a pool or spa pool, or simply upgrading an old drainage and sewage system, we can help.

Drain Inspection & Repair

 If your drains are cracked or damaged, getting them checked and repaired early on will help you avoid hefty bills in the future.

Drain Maintenance Services

Our drainlayers will look after any existing repair work, and will also advise you on the state of your drainage system and any issues that might cause problems further on.

Choose The Right Auckland Drainage Specialists

When you’ve got any drainage issues, it is paramount that you deploy experienced drainlayers for a drain service. There are a lot of plumbers and drainage companies serving the Auckland market, but none have the breadth of expertise as the team at Sumich Plumbing & Drainage.

With over 20 years’ experience, our qualified drainlayers have worked on an extensive range of residential, commercial and industrial drainage projects.

When you need new installation, maintenance or repair work for your storm water drainage, downpipes and drains, contact our drainlayers and you will be in good hands. All of our work is fully guaranteed.

Emergency drain clearing service

Drainage emergencies like blocked drain can occur at the worst possible time, however, don’t despair, we have a team readily available to clear blocked drains in a matter of hours.

Call our plumbing emergency and drainage emergency after hour service on 0800 437 021 (Press option 7).

Residential Drainage Solutions

Residential drainage involves keeping water from collecting in and around homes, this includes diverting excess water from the property to prevent flooding, providing a secure and sanitary living environment by removing sewage from the land, protecting the building integrity of homes and flats by avoiding water damage.

Our residential drainlayers are also responsible for planning, maintaining and installing complex drainage systems, conducting regular inspections, repairs, and making sure drainage systems are compliant with regulations.

Drain Unblocking

Sink Unblocking

Toilet Unblocking

Pipe Unblocking

Frequently Asked Questions About Drainage

The main purpose of stormwater systems is to collect runoff water created by rainfall or melted snow. A stormdrain consists of two parts – external (gutters under the roof) and underground (receivers and pipes that drain water from the house). Water from the roof enters the part that is in the ground, and then it is removed from the site.

Combining drainage and stormwater systems is very efficient in terms of usefulness and expenses because both systems allow runoff to go into specific holding containers. You can then use the gathered water for irrigation or other uses around the home.

There are a few ways you can go about getting drainage plans for your house, starting of by contacting:

Local government planning and building department: They might have information regarding your property and can provide you with a copy of the drainage plans or direct you to the relevant department or company that can help you.

Licensed land surveyor or engineer: These professionals create a preliminary drainage plan for your property. They will also be able to provide you with any necessary permits or approvals required by the government or local council.

Online communities: check out local community groups on social media, or online forums to gain a personal insight from locals who have a similar need as or have already gone through the process.

It’s paramount to note that some local councils in New Zealand do not have public records of drainage plans, in this case you may have to hire a private land surveyor or civil engineer to create a drainage plan for you. Before doing this, make sure that you are legally allowed to make changes to the drainage system in your area by researching local regulations.