Removing Tree Roots From Drain Pipe 

Issues can cause blocked drains, either inside the house or outside, on the surrounding property. Blocked drains can be caused by something being washed down the drain that shouldn’t be there. Or by a gradual build-up of fat or grease. If neither of those is the cause. However, it may just be that there are tree roots that are affecting the drainage of wastewater or sewage from your property.

What causes tree root drain blocks?

Tree roots can spread out for several metres underground, particularly with older trees. The drainage pipes under your land may have been laid before someone planted the trees or when the trees were young. Over time, however, tree roots spread and are attracted to the water that may seep from loose drains or pipe joints. The roots will grow toward the water and continue to make the problem worse.

If you detect a foul smell, that won’t go away. Or you suspect the wastewater isn’t flowing as freely as it should. There may be a blockage in your pipes or drainage system caused by tree roots.

The damage could become quite extensive and expensive if you don’t tend quickly to the blocked drain by tree roots. If left alone, the tree roots may cause the pipes to crack or even rupture under pressure.

What can you do about tree root drain blockages?

The first thing we do is detect where the tree roots are affecting the drainage system. We use our CCTV equipment to detect where the roots may be affecting the pipes and drainage. Also known as a video drain inspection. This involves us using a closed circuit (CC) camera to inspect the drains, pipelines, sewer and stormwater lines outside or underneath your property. We run a push through camera into the drainpipes to assess the cause of the blockage. And confirm the results of unblocking work. We can do this by running our equipment down the pipes without having to dig on your property.

Furthermore, If required, we can use our drain root cutter equipment to clear the roots away. Root cutting involves us putting specialist root cutting equipment into pipes where tree roots are causing drainage problems or blockages. We do this using either high-pressure water or our specialist root cutting bladed machinery.

We take special care to avoid damaging the pipes further. Additionally, we always aim to remove the roots in such a way as to minimise further spread towards the pipes. While preserving the health of the tree(s), shrubs or other vegetation affected.

Roots often penetrate drains in search of water. Once they find it, the roots inevitably get denser. Often to the point of causing a blocked drain. It is important to clear roots out of sewers and pipes even before a full blockage occurs. As the strength of spreading roots can damage or weaken the integrity of the pipes.

Our drain cleaner for tree roots can repair or replace the affected pipes as needed or reposition them to prevent tree roots blocking drains. If required, we will patch the pipes in a way that maintains their strength and minimises disruption to your land. If the damage is extensive, we may need to remove parts of the drainage system and replace some of the sections of the pipe.

Drainage Emergency

Drainage emergencies like blocked drains can occur at the worst possible time. Hence, if they do, don’t despair. We are available after hours to sort out your drainage or plumbing emergency. If you want a drain cleaner for tree roots Call our drainage emergency after hour service on 0800 437 021 (press option 7).