What is a close coupled toilet suite?

A closed coupled toilet suite refers to a toilet where the bowl and the tank are closely connected to form a single toilet entity. This toilet feature minimises the required area of operation, simplifies the cleaning process, and decreases water consumption. 

Thinking about replacing your existing toilet suite? 

Here’s a few things to consider when shopping for a new toilet.

The existing setup you have is going to govern what toilet suite is easiest to install without alterations.

Any alterations to existing plumbing to toilet suites will add cost to the new installation so it is worth considering what toilet suite is going to best fit the original setup.

A more expensive toilet suite may end up cheaper than a less expensive toilet suite if the cheaper suite requires alterations to the water and waste to make it fit.

When trying to match up a new toilet suite to your original setup, two important measurements should be addressed: 

The position of the water supply 

This can enter the cistern in 4 possible locations:

  1. through the cistern (water tank) itself – we call this back inlet cistern toilet suites
  2. through the side of the cistern (water tank) externally or exposed – we call this side entry cisterns
  3. through the bottom of the cistern – if externally these are exposed bottom entry toilet cisterns
  4. through the bottom of the cistern (water tank) but concealed or covered – we call these shrouded  close coupled toilet suites.

After considering the water connection, the waste pipe connection is also equally as important measurement to consider. There are two main types, and one rare / obscure type.

  1. S pan toilet suites are toilet pans with the waste pipe connection entering through the floor.
  2. P pan toilet suites are toilet pans with the waste pipe connection entering through the back wall  that the toilet is up against.
  3. Truncated toilet suites are pans with the waste pipe connection either entering through the left side, or right side wall adjacent to where the toilet is installed. These are the rarest type of toilet installation, normally only found in areas where there are space restrictions either inside, or outside. Alterations to these particular installations are often governed or limited by space and accessibility.

Finally, now that you have the above information at hand, remember as mentioned above the two critical measurements required when shopping for toilets – 

  1. the water supply location measurement (both vertical height off finished floor and horizontal measurement, from the centre of the toilet normally) 
  2. the waste pipe connection measurement – if through the floor – ‘S’ Pan  then measurement will be taken off back wall of toilet to centre of pipe. If through the wall ‘P’ Pan the measurement will be taken off finished floor to centre of pipe. 

If you are looking to install a new toilet or repair an existing one? get in touch with our toilet plumbers today.