Emergency Plumbing Service Auckland

If you suddenly have a leak that is causing damage to your home. Or a backed up toilet causing havoc, DO NOT PANIC, Sumich Plumbing can send a Emergency Plumber to help you. Call us on 0800 437 021

Emergency Leakage Repair

emergency plumber

  • First, if it’s a leak, turn off the water main to your house – this is located at the front of your property, normally on the boundary, often under a black lid.
  • Then give us a call, and we will get someone to you as soon as possible.
  • If you are able to identify the location of the leak and describe the type of pipe to us it can help to ensure that the dispatched emergency plumber has the right gear on board and cuts down on emergency call out time, but if not all our plumbers have all the gear on board to handle almost anything.

Emergency Blockage Repair

If there is a blockage, or sewage coming up from your overflow relief gully, let us know, we can dispatch our drainage response truck to hydroblast the line, this can deal with even the most stubborn drain blockage.

Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Emergency Plumbing Auckland

The purpose of our emergency plumbing service is to minimise damage or inconvenience caused by emergency situations. In some cases we may not be able to resolve the issue entirely at the time but will do our best to restore your services the best we can, and may need follow up visits inside working hours to resolve the issue completely: ie. if your hot water cylinder has burst, it is not normally viable to replace it on an emergency callout, however we can isolate it so that you still have cold water and it is no longer leaking or causing damage. Or in some cases where there is a leak inside a wall we will cap off the pipe in your attic space or under the house to allow your water to be turned back on, and come back later to run new pipes to the fixture.

Finally, non emergency situations can be difficult to resolve outside hours, as specific parts (such as tap washers, toilet flush mechanisms etc) are not always available to us and we cannot carry everything, if the situation is not causing damage or preventing you from using your plumbing, please call to book a job within normal working hours.

Emergency Services

In case of any plumbing or drainage emergency please contact 0800 437 021 or email us on sales@sumichplumbing.co.nz