Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

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Roof maintenance is probably not something that you think about very often. You possibly look after your garden, decks, and other parts of your property – there is always a list of jobs to do around the house. But how often do you take the time to look after your roof?
Similarly, you know the importance of looking after your car (or motorbike or boat). Filling it with the proper fuel, checking the oil, and having regular mechanical checks are all part of owning a vehicle and keeping it in safe working order. The same is true for your roof. Keeping it in good condition helps it last longer and keeps you and your family safe.
Why, then, is roof maintenance not high up on your home maintenance list? Perhaps it’s the “out of sight, out of mind” principle. Because you can’t really see up there, you don’t think too much about it. Maybe we just take our roofs for granted. They’re large and expensive, so we just assume they’re going to last a long time without us worrying about them.
But we do need to pay attention to them. Regular roof maintenance and roof repairs are very important. This is an area where the more preventative maintenance you do, the better. If you invest a bit of time, effort and money on a regular basis, you’ll avoid hefty repair or replacement bills that you could have prevented.

What Should You Do If Your Roof Is Leaking?

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Discovering you have a leak somewhere in your roof will likely cause a range of reactions – frustration (I don’t have time to deal with this), fear (oh no, how severe is the damage?) and worry (how much is this going to cost me?).

With Sumich Plumbing & Drainage you’re in safe hands, so stay calm and we’ll walk you through what to do if you discover you have a leak in your roof.

The 10 Most Common Causes of a Roof Leak

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Finding a leak in your roof is a hassle that no one wants, but unfortunately, they do happen with homes of all types. If left unattended, a roof leak will lead to further, costly damage and possible health issues from the build-up of mould.

The most obvious signs that you have a roof leak are:

you have water stains on your ceiling, inside the house
you hear water running or dripping inside the walls
you see water coming into the house from the roof when it rains
Before you try to decide what to do about the roof leak, and what kind of repairs may be necessary, it’s important to figure out what is causing the leak. There are a number of reasons why your roof may be leaking: