There are a number of things that can go wrong with the taps in your house. Some things you can fix yourself and other issues may require the help of a professional plumber Auckland. It’s important to investigate any issues you notice.

As they may be a sign that there is something unusual happening with your plumbing. The earlier you get on to it, the cheaper the fix will be.

Here are the top 5 most common reasons your taps may need repairing or replacing:

1. Water leaking from the tap

A leaking tap is not only annoying. But it’s also a major cause of wasted water that you can avoid. If you don’t repair a leaking tap, you can waste several litres of water per day. Or hundreds of litres a month. The first thing to check if you have a dripping tap is whether the leaking stops when you tighten the tap to the off position. If tightening it stops the leaking, the cause of the drip maybe something to do with the tapware.

Perhaps it’s suffered a bit too much wear and tear over time and needs replacing. If the tap still drips when tightened, there may be a more significant plumbing issue occurring. Give your Plumber Auckland a call, and we can help. We can look after all your tap repair, tap replacement, and tap installation needs.

2. Leaky tap or leaking tap

To clarify, a dripping tap is one where water drips from the tap. A leaky tap or leaking tap, on the other hand, is one where water leaks from the sides, base or head of the tap. That is, water is escaping from the tap from somewhere other than the spout. If you have a tap that is leaky/leaking, get into touch with our plumbers in Auckland rather than trying to fix the problem yourself.

There may be something not quite right with the water flow. And we don’t recommend you start trying to adjust your pipework or water flow yourself.

3. Unusual noises coming from a tap

If you hear banging, whistling, screeching or any other strange sound when you turn your tap on. We recommend giving us a call your Plumber Auckland right away. Depending on the sound, we may be able to listen to it over the phone and suggest what might be causing it. Additionally, the best course of action to take.

We don’t recommend you repeatedly turn the tap on and off, hoping that the sound will go away. It could be a sign that your water flow is being affected by something. Furthermore, the noise is likely an indication of a problem with your pipes that needs checking.

4. Cracked or damaged tap

If you haven’t done any bathroom renovations in the past ten years and you have cracked or damaged tapware. It may be time for an upgrade. Tapware is usually well made, but like everything else, it is subject to wear and tear. Some taps in the house are used several times a day.

And we generally don’t give much thought to how gentle or rough we are when turning them on or off. If the taps themselves show signs of damage.

There is a strong possibility that other components may need repairs or replacing. These could include washers, O-rings, screws, clips, and valve assembly components.

5. Worn-out washers

Tap washers are designed to control the flow of water and prevent water leaks. They are meant to act as a seal that stops water from flowing to the spout when the tap is turned off. So if you have a leaking tap, the first thing to check is whether the washer is worn or not. If you’re confident doing a bit of DIY. You may want to replace your tap washers yourself.

We can give your tapware a good check over. No job is too big or too small for the team at Sumich Plumbing & Drainage. We can look after all your tap repair, tap replacement and tap installation needs.