Have a leaking toilet is more than just an annoying inconvenience – it can also be the cause of serious water damage to your home. If a toilet leak is not detected and repaired properly or quickly, you could be looking at unwanted repair bills and serious property damage.

Like any type of water leak, it’s important to figure out what is causing the toilet leak. (If you’re having issues with a blocked toilet, and want to know more about a reputable Auckland toilet unblocker, get in touch with our toilet unblockers.

We look here at the five most common causes of a toilet leak:

  • A crack

Okay, we’ve resisted the temptation for a bad plumber’s crack joke here … but a common cause of a toilet leak is a crack somewhere. You can read more about the different parts of a toilet here. The crack might be in the bowl, cistern, tank, seals, valves, fill or overflow tube. These parts are all meant to hold or carry water, but if over time they’ve been damaged or have worn out, they could be the cause of a leak. Whether you can seal the part or need to replace it will depend on where the crack is. The experienced West Auckland plumbers at Sumich Plumbing & Drainage can help diagnose the problem and determine the best way to fix it.

  • Rusted or corroded pipes

There may be rusted or corroded pipes causing the toilet leak. This is particularly true in an older home. You may not see the pipes that are affected, as they may be enclosed or behind the wall, or underneath the house. Over time, impurities in the water will cause older pipes to rust or corrode. If you see or hear water leaking, or you suspect your water bills are higher than it should be, get in touch with us and we can do a thorough check of all the toilet parts and related plumbing.

  • Faulty valves

Within the toilet tank there are several parts that keep the toilet operating correctly – and these are the same parts that often need adjusting or replacing when the toilet isn’t working properly. When there is a leak, there may be a problem with the valves in the tank. The flush valve lets water gush into the bowl during the flush, and the fill valve allows water to refill the tank after a flush. If a toilet is leaking, it may be because it is running continuously or intermittently, or overfilling, due to one of these valves being faulty.

  • Faulty float

The other part in the toilet tank that may be causing a leak of water is the float. If it’s cracked or out of alignment, it may cause the toilet to run continuously, causing a leak. After a flush, once the tank re-fills to a certain level, it should stop filling. The float is the part that determines when the toilet should stop filling. If the float is damaged or worn out, it won’t do its job properly. The result may be overfilling and a leak of water.

  • Worn out parts or seals

Over time, some of the parts of the toilet may need replacing. You may be able to do this yourself, depending on the part. The float is a relatively easy part to replace yourself, and you may be able to repair some of the seals. However, it’s best to call in the professional and experienced team from Sumich Plumbing & Drainage to give the entire toilet system a good check. We can fix any leaks and determine if there are any other components that are wearing out.

Preventative action is always best. Don’t wait until you have a leak and water damage that might end up costing you more than is necessary.

We can help you with toilet installation, toilet repair and toilet replacement. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote.