What is a Plant Room? (mechanical room & boiler room)

A plant room is dedicated space in a building that contains mechanical and electrical equipment such as boilers, thermostats, chillers and refrigerators, air handling units, water pumps and other types of mechanical equipment.

Plant rooms are used to provide various amenities to buildings, such as heating, cooling, ventilation, and electricity. Plant rooms are generally found in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, and possess a range of equipment required to provide, and maintain engineering capabilities. It’s a common space that comes in a variety of sizes and can have its own unique plant room layout.

Commercial services for Plant Rooms

Commercial plant rooms, also known as boiler rooms or mechanical rooms, are often the site of complex plumbing and heating systems. At Sumich, we sometimes refer to them as the engine room of your business – you know they’re important, but you don’t like to spend a lot of time there.

Unfortunately, plant rooms are the place where plumbing, heating or ventilation problems arise, but go undetected because they’re out of sight, out of mind. Unresolved problems or infrequent maintenance here can cost your business significant amounts of unnecessary spend.

Getting the plumbing and ventilation of a plant room (also known as a boiler room or mechanical room) is incredibly important in the efficiency of how your business runs. Improper set-up can lead to resource wastage and safety hazards.

At Sumich Plumbing, we specialise in looking after your plant room so you’re not wasting money on faulty heating, ventilation or plumbing issues.

The Sumich commercial plumbing team is experienced in the set-up of commercial plant rooms, issue or hazard identification, as well as ongoing repairs or maintenance to keep your business operating well.

We are experienced to work with your:

  • heating and ventilation systems
  • plumbing and water inputs/outputs
  • boiler systems design, installation, repairs, maintenance
  • gas appliances installation, repairs, maintenance
  • gas leak detection and repair

Sumich has worked on a number of plant rooms for Auckland clients in various sectors, including hotels and apartment developments, hospitality venues and other commercial premises.

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