Hot Water Recirculation Services

Are you tired of having to wait for hot water when you turn on the tap? Are you worried about all the water you’re wasting while you’re letting it run? It’s bad enough having to do this at home. Imagine all the water being wasted when this is done on a larger scale, in an apartment complex, hotel or restaurant.

Hot water recirculation pump is the solution that can save you significant amounts on your water bill by getting rid of the problem of waiting for water to get hot when you turn on the tap.

Why does the water initially run cold?

The reason the water is initially cold when you turn on the tap (even the hot water tap) is because there is water left in the pipe from the last time you turned on the hot water. If it’s been a while, then that water in the pipe has gone cold.

So you’re not actually waiting for the water to heat up – you’re waiting for the water that has gone cold to flow through and the new hot water to arrive at the tap.

If you run a commercial business – an apartment complex, a hotel or hospitality venue, a factory or plant – this waiting for the hot water is likely adding up to hundreds of litres of additional and unnecessary water use every year. It’s more than just a nuisance – it’s literally money down the drain.

How do you prevent this?

A hot water recirculation system gets rid of the problem of waiting for the hot water.

By circulating the hot water back through the pipes, a hot water recirculating system sends the unused hot water back to the heating system so it doesn’t remain in the pipes going cold.

Sumich can look at your current plumbing system and advise on the best possible way to recirculate your hot water to help you save on water use and expense.

If you operate an apartment complex, a hotel or hospitality venue, a factory or other commercial business in Auckland, we strongly recommend you look into hot water recirculation pump.

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