Which Is Better, Rinnai or Rheem Hot Water Cylinder?

Both Rinnai and Rheem are market leading manufacturers who design and make a variety of models to suit your hot water needs. Hot water cylinders are still very popular hot water options in New Zealand.

Rheem hot water cylinders 

Rheem has a reputation for manufacturing durable, reliable water heaters that make an excellent choice for most homes. 

Electric water heating

Rheem has designed these units to meet New Zealand’s energy performance standards. They can supply both Low Pressure or Mains Pressure electric hot water heaters. Mains pressure vitreous enamel lined hot water cylinders provide the best protection against corrosion caused by a wide range of water conditions, including varying pH levels, high chlorides, hard water and Microbiological Induced Corrosion as found in various parts of New Zealand and homes supplied by bore water. Mains pressure vitreous enamel lined hot water cylinders also features Soltice Green insulation, a high quality product that allows the storage tank to maintain the optimum water temperature, saving energy and money. This range also has twin and dual element models, is suitable for unequal and low pressure uses. The Optima Mains Pressure Vitreous Enamel range is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, available in a range of sizes from 180L to 400L. The 300L and 400L cylinders are fitted with twin heating elements and come with a 12 year warranty. The Mains Pressure stainless steel range are usually heated with electricity, but are also compatible with heat pump and solar systems. This range is assembled and designed locally from high quality Stainless Steel, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, and designed to connect to Heat Pump and Solar technologies. This range features cylinders with storage capacity from 135L to 300L. Rheem also has an electric Low Pressure Vitreous Enamel and Low Pressure Copper range to suit your household requirements. 

Gas water heating

Rheem also design and supply mains pressure gas storage water heaters that stores hot water ready for use. These cylinders are for indoor use, natural gas only and come in a variety of sizes with capacity from 130L to 160L. The Rheem Stellar range is one of the most efficient domestic gas storage water heaters available in New Zealand. This range is available in Natural Gas only and has high flow capabilities, which makes it the perfect solution for households with more than one bathroom and moderate to high hot water use. This range does not require a electrical connection, meaning the cylinder with work during a power outage and is for outdoor use only. 

Rinnai hot water cylinders 

Rinnai is a market leading manufacturer of hot water solutions and have a range of hot water cylinders to suit your household’s hot water needs. 

Rinnai Smart Cylinder

This hot water cylinder learns the household’s hot water behavior and subsequently only heats water when required. The cylinders in this range features a smart thermostat that learns the pattern of hot water use and only heats water when it knows it will be needed. This cylinder also features three settings: IQ mode, the smart learning mode, will learn the household’s hot water use pattern over one week, apply the savings pattern and only heat water when required. The smart cylinder will continue to monitor the household’s hot water use, adjusting the savings algorithm accordingly. Another setting is the vacation mode, where the cylinder saves power by keeping the water to a minimum temperature, preventing the water from freezing in colder areas. You can select the number of days away, and the cylinder will revert back to the normal settings after the set number of days. The manual mode allows the hot water cylinder to operate like a normal hot water cylinder. The Rinnai Smart Cylinder feature can be used with the low-medium pressure stainless steel cylinder (capacity: 135L – 250L); mains pressure enamel (capacity 135L – 250L); and mains pressure stainless steel (135L – 250L). 

Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

Rinnai has a variety of models in this range. The Rinnai Stainless Steel Mains Pressure Indoor Hot Water Cylinders are manufactured from high grade duplex stainless steel, making them exceptional value for money. These cylinders come with a 10 year guarantee and can be connected to a hot water heat pump or solar system. The Rinnai Enamel Mains Pressure Indoor Hot Water Cylinders are an easy option to replace your old electric cylinder and come with a 7 year warranty. The Smart Cylinder option is compatible with this cylinder. The Rinnai Enamel Mains Pressure Indoor Outdoor Hot Water Cylinder is the versatile range that can be installed inside or outside. They come in a range of capacities, 90L – 340L. 

Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

The Rinnai Stainless Steel Low-Medium Pressure Indoor Hot Water Cylinders are premium low pressure systems, they can also operate at a medium pressure systems that come with a 10 year warranty. The Rinnai Low Pressure Copper Indoor Hot Water Cylinders have been manufactured and used in home in New Zealand since the 1930s, they come in a range of varieties from 9L – 225L. 

Mains Pressure Coiled Hot Water Cylinders

The unique coil design maximises heat transfer. The mains pressure indoor stainless steel single standard coil for closed loop solar is designed to use with solar system, it is the ideal hot water cylinder for frost and very cold locations. This range comes in capacities ranging from 190L – 300L. The mains pressure indoor stainless steel single thermosiphon wetback coil range can connect to a solar system or heat pump water heater, this range also comes in a range from 190L – 300L. The water is circulated through a coiled inside the cylinder by the thermosiphon effect, meaning there is no need to pump the water through the cylinder. This cylinder will work through power outages. The mains pressure stainless steel twin coil for wetback and closed loop solar is a twin coil system range with sizes from 250L – 300L. 

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