We all know how important a good shower is. Whether you take one at the start of the day to wake yourself up, in the evening as a way of winding down after a hard day of work, or sometime in between to rejuvenate yourself – a good shower always makes us feel better.

So it’s important to keep your shower in top shape and operating as efficiently as possible. Don’t just wait until you no longer like the look of your shower before you replace it. There are more important functional reasons why you might need to replace your shower.

Changes in shower water pressure

Before water comes out of your shower head, it takes an interesting journey from your hot water cylinder or your instantaneous hot water system and the related pipes. There is an interconnected system of pipes, valves and plumbing components that all work together to give you a steady flow of water pressure at the temperature you desire.

If the flow of water comes out at fluctuating rates, there is something wrong with the shower system. As shower components age, there may be some loosening or dislodging, causing water pressure changes.

Sudden changes in water temperature

Once you set your shower water temperature to your liking, it should stay there until you’re finished your shower. But if you find the water temperature fluctuating, that’s a sign there’s something not quite right with your shower or its fittings. You shouldn’t lose hot water, and it shouldn’t suddenly go hotter or colder without you changing the temperature.

If your shower water temperature changes on its own, there may be an issue with your shower plumbing, or the connection between your shower and water heating system.

You also shouldn’t experience a change in shower water temperature when someone uses another water source in the house. Sometimes people assume that’s normal and they tolerate it, but it really shouldn’t be happening. If your shower goes cold when someone turns on another tap, chances are your shower valves are old and need replacing.

If you’re experiencing shower water temperature problems and shower water pressure issues, it’s a good time to replace your shower.

Leaks in the shower

You don’t want any part of your shower to leak. Leaks are bad for the bathroom and bad for the budget. A leak in your shower – whether it’s from the tapware or the showerhead – can mean that water is getting into the walls or flooring. This, in time, may cause serious structural damage to your bathroom. A leak in the shower also means water is being wasted. This is bad for the environment and, if you pay for your water use, it’s an unnecessary waste of money. It’s literally money going down the drain.

Mould in the shower

If you have recurring mould in the shower, it may be time to replace the shower. Household cleaners may be good for once in a while mould, or small areas of mould. But if you’re cleaning away mould on a regular basis, it’s likely that your shower is old and in need of an upgrade.

Bathrooms are moist, humid, warm places so you may think mould is inevitable. But it can be extremely unhealthy. All sorts of allergies, skin conditions, respiratory problems, other health issues can all be linked back to mould in the home. Replacing your shower with a modern one can help eliminate mould in the bathroom and keep you and your family healthy.

Sediment in your shower water

Water coming out of your showerhead should be clean, clear and free of sediment. Often, however, sediment in your water is hard to notice. If someone from out of town uses your shower and comments that the water in your shower seems different or “harder” than their water at home, pay attention. Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, caused by deposits of minerals such as lime/limestone, calcium or magnesium.

These deposits may not be harmful to humans, but over time they can affect your plumbing. The build-up of mineral deposits may block water flow through your pipes or showerhead and may affect your water pressure.

If you’re noticing any of these issues in your shower – or you just don’t like the look of your shower and want to upgrade it – give the team at Sumich Plumbing & Drainage a call. We have a large portfolio of shower upgrades that we’ve worked on and can help you install a modern and efficient shower.