Looking After Your Gas Water Heater

We all know that looking after our household appliances, tools, and equipment make them last longer. We know that taking our car in for maintenance helps it run longer and safer. We look after our phones and laptops to make sure they work properly when we need them.

But there is an item in the household that often gets neglected – the gas hot water cylinder.

In over thirty years of serving the Auckland, NZ market with plumbing, gas fitting, heating and roofing services, the Sumich team has seen all types of gas hot water cylinders. We can honestly say that the ones that are in the best condition and that have lasted the longest, are the gas hot water heaters that have been regularly maintained by a professional plumbing and gas fitting company.

What does gas hot water cylinder maintenance consist of?

A few things can be done to prolong the life of your gas hot water cylinder.

  • Checking that the thermostat is working properly

Small but mighty, the thermostat is the power piece of your gas hot water cylinder. When it’s functioning as it should, you’re not wasting money over-heating water or putting your family at risk by under-heating water (water needs to be heated to and stored in the cylinder at approximately 60 degrees Celsius to prevent Legionella bacteria).

  • Looking for rust

Older hot water cylinders are more prone to rust than newer models, but we still see many rusty cylinders or parts around. When we do a maintenance check, we detect whether any rust is affecting the performance of the cylinder, the quality of the water, and the integrity or safety of the cylinder.

  • Testing and monitoring valves and connections

There are many parts and components in a gas hot water cylinder, including the all-important test pressure-relief (TPR) valve. We check that everything is working and that there aren’t any cracks or leaks. As we’ve mentioned before, cracks or leaks essentially mean your gas, water and money are vanishing into thin air.

  • Flushing the cylinder

It’s helpful to completely flush your gas hot water cylinder and empty its contents once in a while. We recommend doing this once a year. This will help clean it of any sediment or mineral/calcium build-up (hard water), creating blockages or damage to your plumbing. There is no need to worry about wasting water, however. We do it in a way that allows you to use the water from the cylinder in the garden, washing the car, etc.

The clear benefits of regularly maintaining your gas water heater

Having regular checks and maintenance on your gas hot water cylinder:

  • It helps it last as long as it was designed to. A new hot water cylinder should last twenty years.
  • It helps you save money on water and power. If your gas hot water cylinder is working properly, it won’t take longer than necessary to heat your water and deliver hot water to your taps and showers.
  • It helps keep you safe. Wherever there is gas, there is the need for safety. The team at Sumich are experienced and registered gas fitters. We’re trained to work with gas appliances, so they operate correctly.
  • It helps add value to your home. If you’re selling your home, prospective buyers would prefer to know that they don’t need to replace the water heating system any time soon.

Regularly maintaining your gas hot water cylinder is a smart and easy way to look after your water heating system. The experienced Sumich team can discuss a gas hot water cylinder maintenance program with you and give you a price for this preventative work. It will save you money in the long run by helping you save money on water and power and by helping to extend the life of your gas hot water cylinder.

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