Most people understand how important plumbing is in their home, but don’t often think about how important regular plumbing maintenance is at work. In some ways, it’s quite similar.

In a comamercial setting, you and your staff rely on a range of plumbing and services. To run a business (and to comply with health and safety regulations), you need water coming in and water draining out.

Plumbing maintenance at a workplace is essential for a number of very important reasons.

Plumbing maintenance keeps your business running and prevents shutdowns

For starters, staff need access to clean water and up-to-date plumbing services. If they can’t drink, wash their hands, use the toilet, etc then chances are they can’t do their bare minimum requirements.

Common plumbing issues at work include:

  • clogged drains
  • blocked toilets
  • leaky faucets
  • burst pipes
  • faulty hot water heating
  • water damage to equipment or premises
  • unseen damaged pipes or pipe leaks
  • faulty waste disposal units
  • plumbing issues in your commercial plant room

These are just some of the issues that you may encounter at work. Offices, factories, plants, restaurants and hospitality venues all have different plumbing needs. But they all suffer when there are plumbing issues.

Checking and maintaining commercial plumbing systems helps to keep your business operating with little or no interruptions to workflow.

Commercial plumbing maintenance can help reduce your energy costs

Having a regular plumbing maintenance schedule for your business can help you save money on your power bills. Heating systems, hot water heating systems and equipment that isn’t regularly serviced and maintained often chugs along, working less efficiently than “healthier” appliances.

As an example, think about your residential heat pump. When you have it serviced, check its parts, clean its filters, etc, it runs efficiently. When you don’t service it, it could be working with faulty parts or filters that need replacing. It’s working extra hard to do its job. We also make the comparison to your car. If the tyre pressure is too low and the oil hasn’t been changed, the engine works harder than it needs to. The same holds true for all of your plumbing systems and appliances in a commercial setting.

Regular plumbing maintenance helps fulfil your health and safety obligations

The Health and Safety Act in New Zealand stipulates that all workers need to be provided with a safe and healthy environment to work. This includes access to proper plumbing. It is your duty, if you own or manage a business, to ensure that the plumbing standards meet requirements.

Regular commercial plumbing maintenance helps save money on replacement parts

Having regular checks and inspections of your pipes, plumbing and drainage systems means we can detect any potential issues before they become problems. This, in the long run, saves money on replacing parts or components of your equipment.

Wear and tear is usually gentler on equipment that has been regularly serviced and maintained – so it last longer.

Regular plumbing maintenance keeps commercial plant rooms safe

Commercial plant rooms – also known as boiler rooms or mechanical rooms – are the engine rooms of your business. They are, however, often the site of complex plumbing and heating systems.

Regularly checking and maintaining the plumbing, heating and ventilation systems in your commercial plant room helps prevent accidents, breakdowns, or equipment failure.

What are some of the commercial plumbing maintenance services that you might need?

  • maintenance of workplace plumbing and pipe systems
  • maintenance and inspections of drainage systems
  • plumbing work in commercial kitchens and bathrooms
  • fitting of sprinkler systems
  • ongoing service and repairs of office, factory or workplace plumbing systems

How often is regular commercial plumbing maintenance required?

This depends on too many factors to make a blanket rule about how often commercial plumbing maintenance is needed. If you get in touch with us we can do an assessment and put together a plan for your place of work. We’ll look at your premises, the number of staff you have, what type of work they do, what plumbing systems and appliances you use, and how much you use them

Why use Sumich Plumbing & Drainage for your commercial plumbing needs?

Sumich Plumbing has been providing commercial plumbing services to clients in Auckland for almost two decades. We understand the complexities of installations, repairs and maintenance in an office, factory, retail or other workplace environment.

We know how important it is to resolve issues in a timely and cost-effective way and to keep your business operating with no impact on your customers or clients.

We work with new builds, renovations, shop fit-outs and plant room set-up and maintenance for:

  • hotels and hospitality venues
  • bars and restaurants
  • apartment complexes
  • commercial kitchens
  • factories, workrooms, plant rooms
  • commercial and industrial sites

If you have any questions at all, or would like a free quote* excluding roofings* excluding roofing excluding roofing, please get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable Auckland commercial plumbing team at Sumich Plumbing & Drainage.


There are a number of plumbing and drainage companies in Auckland, so why choose Sumich?

Founded by owner-operator Chris Sumich in 1991, Sumich Plumbing & Drainage has one of the most experienced teams operating in Auckland. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years and we’ve seen a comprehensive range of scenarios and solutions over the years. Clients trust us to give honest, transparent advice and service.

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