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If you own or manage a business in Auckland, it’s essential that you know an experienced and reliable commercial plumber. You don’t want to start researching “expert commercial plumber” on Google when you have a commercial plumbing problem – you want to be able to pick up the phone as soon as you need help.

So what does a commercial plumber do? Is a commercial plumber different from a residential plumber?

What is commercial plumbing?

Commercial plumbers take care of plumbing and drainage issues at:

  1. Places of business – an office, retail shop, restaurant, hotel, shopping mall, warehouse, factory, workshop, etc
  2. Multi-unit residential premises – apartment blocks, row/terraced housing, body corporates

What types of jobs does a commercial plumber look after?

A commercial plumber is skilled at repairing, replacing and maintaining all of the same plumbing and drainage issues that you’d be familiar with within your home – but on a bigger and more complex scale.

Commercial plumbing services include:

Is a commercial plumber different from a residential plumber?

The skills of a commercial plumber are different from a plumber who works only on residential properties. This is mainly because the plumbing and drainage systems of commercial property are more complex. For example, if there is a drainage block, it might affect several sinks and toilets. If there is no hot water, it might affect a commercial kitchen or laundry operation.

The urgency of commercial plumbing, therefore, is often on a different scale. In a residential home, if one sink is blocked, there is usually another one the house occupants can use. If one bathroom has a leak in the shower, another one can often be used.

In a commercial business, however, a drain blockage or leak can seriously impact business revenue. A customer-facing company may have to reduce its operations or close temporarily, which all equates to lost revenue – something we aim to prevent as much as we can.

Commercial gas fitting

One of the more complex areas in commercial plumbing is gas fitting. You want to have a plumbing company available to call that has a team of licensed gas fitters – preferably more than just one person.

Strict industry guidelines state that all gas connections require a qualified and licenced gas fitter to undertake the work to get the appliance connected, installed and working; this applies to natural gas and LPG. Each installation also requires a certificate of compliance to be completed when the work is finished. Sumich Plumbing & Drainage are certified gas fitters, which means our work is heavily regulated to make sure the work we do is safe and managed responsibly. We provide a gas fitting and repair service for natural gas and LPG, and all jobs are fully guaranteed.

Some high-risk projects where you need an experienced commercial plumber licenced for gas fitting include:

  • work on an installation that includes gas pressure-raising equipment
  • work in a building with more than three floors or contains more than three dwellings
  • work done within 20 metres of a hazardous area
  • work in a building where a mechanical ventilation system controls the air pressure
  • work done in a place where combustion air may be varied by mechanical means

Sumich Plumbing & Drainage is your reliable commercial plumber and gas fitter

Sumich provides commercial plumbing and gas maintenance and service work for a range of industries in Auckland:

  • hotels and hospitality venues
  • bars and restaurants
  • apartment complexes
  • commercial kitchens
  • factories, workrooms, plant rooms
  • commercial and industrial sites

Working with commercial, hospitality and industrial clients, our experienced team is available for ongoing maintenance and servicing or for one-off repair work as needed. We can work directly with you or through your property manager or landlord.

Get in touch with us for 24/7 help with Auckland commercial plumbing and drainage maintenance.

We can help with sub-contractor work

If you’re part of a construction or infrastructure company looking for an experienced, reliable team of plumbers and gas fitters, talk to the team at Sumich. We’ve worked on large-scale commercial and industrial projects and would love to be a part of your next project.

We’re proud to include in our client list well-known Auckland companies such as Nesuto Hotels and Apartments, Waldorf Apartments Auckland, Events Cinemas, Waterloo Quadrant Hotel and Suites, the Shakespeare Hotel.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your commercial plumbing and drainage projects.


There are a number of plumbing and drainage companies in Auckland, so why choose Sumich?

Founded by owner-operator Chris Sumich in 1991, Sumich Plumbing & Drainage has one of the most experienced teams operating in Auckland. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years, and we’ve seen a comprehensive range of scenarios and solutions over the years. Clients trust us to give honest, transparent advice and service.

As registered members of the New Zealand Plumbers, Drainlayers & Gasfitters Association, we are professional, licensed Auckland plumbers for all of your plumbing, drain laying, gas fitting and heating needs. Give us a call to see how we can help.